The most collectable 50p since the Olympics?

A new commemorative coin has just entered circulation which could well become the most collected 50p since the Olympic series in 2012.  Collectors all over the country are checking their change right now in an attempt to find the new 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games 50p.


The new Commonwealth Games 50p features a dynamic sporting design

Struck by The Royal Mint, this legal tender UK coin has been designed by Alex Loudon in the ‘arts and crafts’ style.  Two athletes are intersected by the Scottish Saltire, and the words XX Commonwealth Games Glasgow fill the top right section of the surprisingly distinctive 50p.

But this coin has been attracting attention from collectors for another reason…

Collecting fever

In 2011 The Royal Mint issued a series of 29 different Olympic themed 50ps – one to represent each sport.  With London 2012 around the corner, these coins suddenly became THE must-have collectables to commemorate the Games.  Collectors still can’t resist flicking through their change to find the elusive last two or three coins they are missing.

A bag of 2014 Commonwealth Games 50ps, have you found one yet?

A bag of 2014 Commonwealth Games 50ps, have you found one yet?

Now, 2 years on, the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games 50p looks set to become the next collecting sensation – as the race to find the first sports-themed British coin since the Olympics begins in earnest.

With the mintage figures as yet unconfirmed by The Royal Mint, this coin could well be the rarest of the lot, but only time will tell.  Have you found yours yet?

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3 Responses to The most collectable 50p since the Olympics?

  1. hezgw says:

    Thanks mark so its proberly worth holding on to at the moment:-)

  2. Heather says:

    I have 2014 commonwealth 50p how valuable are these coins

    • Hi Heather, their future value will be dictated by their rarity – unfortunately we won’t know that until next year at the earliest. You may found some collectors willing to pay slightly over face value for them at the moment.
      Change Checker.

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