This 50p just sold for £820.00

Finding a coin which is worth a small fortune is the stuff of dreams for every Change Checker. You may remember the excitement over the rarity of the Kew Gardens 50p earlier this year and the bidding frenzy that occurred on eBay shortly afterwards.

Well now there is a coin which has eclipsed the Kew Gardens, both in terms of scarcity, and the sheer scale of money changing hands.

This week, a UK 50 pence piece sold on eBay for £820. Or to put it another way, 1,640 times its face value!

It appears to be an ordinary Aquatics Olympic 50p at first glance, but this coin has a special quality which collectors desire more than anything else: an error.

And the good news is, there are more out there to be found!

ebay Aquatics 50p

The rare Aquatics Olympic 50p sold on eBay this week for £820.00

In 2011 the Aquatics Olympic 50p depicting a swimmer underwater was redesigned by the Royal Mint to make the swimmer’s face more visible.  However, before the change was made, a small number of coins were struck with the original design.

ST-Change-Checker-Spot-the-Difference-Olympics-Aquatics-50p-Coin (2)

The coin on the left is the rare original design, with waves passing over the swimmer’s face

The added sense of excitement and anticipation over this particular error is that nobody knows exactly how many of the original coins were ever struck.

Their rare appearance at auction (and only so far in their original packaging) along with the astronomical amounts which buyers are happy to pay, supports the theory that there are very few around.

The 29 Olympic designs are now commonplace in our day-to-day life, so this coin ultimately is just a normal 50p which you would happily pass over the counter to pay for something.  Blink and you would miss that small detail which is worth so much to coin collectors.

But the Aquatics Olympic 50p error is the latest example of why you should always carefully check what’s in your change – there really could be treasure hidden in your pocket!


Do you have an Aquatics Olympic 50p?

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0 Responses to This 50p just sold for £820.00

  1. Karen Brazil says:

    I have one of the rare aquatic 50p do you think it will go up in value?? Or should I sell it now? Thanks

  2. Ben Adams says:

    I have a 1992-93 double dated eec 50p in Lucite in royal mint presentation one of the rarest 50p I found can not find any information on it I think it’s an exceptional piece any ideas of value and mintages of this rare presentation of an already rare coin?
    The aquatics 50p Original is a tough one to find lucky people I had one in my till art work and accidentally gave it away!

  3. sharon says:

    im trying too find out the value of my 50p that is the commonwealth swimming can anyone help? thanks

  4. Raymond says:

    I’ve got some 50p been keeping them for years