Do you own the rarest UK coins in circulation?

Earlier this year I made some charts about Britain’s rarest circulating coins. They proved really popular on our Facebook page, so I thought I’d bring them all together for you here in one blog post.

How many of these rare coins do you have in your collection?

There were only 485,500 Northern Ireland 2002 Commonwealth Games £2 coins minted, that’s just 0.1% of all the £2 coins ever struck to date!


The rarest £1 coin is the 2011 Edinburgh design. Could it be worth something one day?

How rare is my £1

Olympic 50ps have long been a favourite amongst collectors, but did you know there are only 1,125,500 Football fifty pence pieces? It’s definitely the rare one to look out for!

How_rare_is_my_olympic_50p (2)

Last but definitely not least, the Kew Gardens 50p steals the show. Just 210,000 were struck and they made headlines earlier in the year when a handful reached a valuation of over £100 on eBay – surely making them some of Britain’s most valuable circulating coins (for now at least!)

How rare is my 50 pence

So remember to keep checking your change – you just might own one of the UK’s rarest coins!

Change Checker Logo GoldIf you’ve found some of the coins mentioned in these charts, why not list them in your online collection at – you can even swap with your fellow Change Checkers to complete your collection!

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0 Responses to Do you own the rarest UK coins in circulation?

  1. I am sending for “Kitchener ” £2 coins,first world war,I will have them posted in the morning.I also want to exchange “doublers” if I can work out how its done,just getting old and stagnating.

  2. FairyNuff says:

    I have just completed my £2 collection, I really struggled to find the 2003 DNA coin, so much so I resorted to buying it for £3 on ebay! I had absolutely no trouble finding the 2002 commonwealth games coins, indeed I have 3 England, 2 NI and one each of Wales and Scotland over and above the ones in my album. I also have a 1999 pound coin which was pulled from circulation. I suspect this was removed from a BU year pack as I think I am right in saying that no £1 coins were released for general circulation in this year.

  3. David Bellis says:

    I think I have the rarest £1coin.I aquired it about 4 years ago and shown it to the bank and lots of friends and family.No-one has ever seen one with no date on it before.The design is the shield from about 2009 or 2010.It’s not the design that is rare,it’s the fact it has no date.I have been in touch with some coin collectors websites and they say I should keep it cos it could be that rare if people are willing to pay £40 for a 20p with no date and there were possibly thousands of those then a pound coin which could be a 1 off someone could be willing to pay thousands for it.Even the collectors have never heard of 1 before and wanted photo evidence.

    • Hi David, it might be worth sending your coin to the Royal Mint so they can verify that it is in fact an error. Without this authentication, you might struggle to find an accurate valuation for it. Collectors can be very wary of forgeries these days.

      • David Bellis says:

        Hi Mark,when i first got the coin in with my change I did contact the Royal Mint and they suggested that I send it to them by recorded delivery but I am reluctant to do so incase I never see it again.My local bank have verified that it is not a fake just an error.You can just make it out that when it was made there is slightly more pressure on the opposite side than where the date should be so when it was stamped the date wasn’t quite compressed.When I can fathom how to upload a photo I will put it on this site.

  4. Nick says:

    I have a few twp pound coins that were special editions from before they were used in general circulation. They look like giant one pound coins, all in one colour. I wonder how rare those are?

  5. derek murden says:

    Thanks for the listing, I have managed to collect them all, but it cost a bit more than I thought it might. But it was worth it, really, and I feel grateful towards C.C. in helping me to do it.

  6. George Schomburg says:

    Thanks for this Mark