Why does everyone want the new Kitchener £2?

Since its release into general circulation a few weeks ago, the new First World War £2 has really caused a stir amongst coin collectors. And it is easy to see why.

The famous ‘Your Country Needs You’ poster featuring Lord Kitchener was originally used during the First World War campaign for enlistment.  The enduring image of Kitchener’s pointing finger, stern face and distinguished moustache has grown to become a symbol of wartime Britain and of national pride and it is rare to see such an iconic design on a circulation coin.

The familiarity of the image poses a problem for collectors; it is undoubtedly a stand-out design and one which is likely to be taken out of circulation by both collectors and the general public alike.

When you consider that it is also the very first coin to be issued as part of the Royal Mint’s five year programme commemorating the the First World War, the chances of finding one in your change appear to be slim.

Kitchener eBay

The new Kitchener £2 has been selling on eBay for over 3 times its face value

A quick look on eBay will tell you everything you need to know about the popularity of the Kitchener £2, which has been exchanging hands for in excess of three times its face value. Whilst the final mintage will remain unknown for some time, the consensus is that this will certainly be one to keep for years to come.

SWAP £2  FOR £2 

Meanwhile, thousands of Change Checkers have been taking advantage of the offer to swap a commemorative £2 for an uncirculated First World War £2.

The offer is still available here while stocks last!

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0 Responses to Why does everyone want the new Kitchener £2?

  1. Samuel Cooper says:

    Went for a drink on Remembrance Day in Worcester. Every time I paid with a note I was given a handful of these. They must have recently had them in from the bank. I could have had about 15 of these. Kept one, gave one to a couple of friends and eventually spent the rest, wish I’d have kept them now lol

  2. Gareth mundy says:

    I’ve also got the Glasgow commonwealth games 50p

  3. Gareth mundy says:

    I found one of these coins and will be keeping it to show my kids in the future