The Shakespeare £2 coins have been released into circulation…

It’s been confirmed that the Shakespeare £2 coins have been released into circulation, and this is your chance to find one… or all three!

After the exciting news last month that the Peter Rabbit 50ps had been released into circulation in certain parts of England,  it seems to be happening again.

Getting your hands on a brand new coin is an achievement, and we’re certain these Shakespeare £2 coins will be just as popular as the Beatrix Potter 50p’s, so it’s best to be quick.

To mark the 400th anniversary of the most influential literary figure in British history, three £2 coins have been released to honour the work of William Shakespeare.

The brand new Shakespeare £2 coins have been amongst the favourites of the coins due for release in 2016 and when the designs were revealed back in November, the Skull design received a lot of attention, not just from collectors.

shakespeare-three-coinsThe three different £2 coins honour Shakespeare’s tragedies, comedies and historical works and have been released into circulation just in time for the 400th anniversary of his death on the 23nd April 2016.

The coins have gone into the tills at the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon where Hamlet is currently being performed.

Stratford-upon-Avon was where William Shakespeare spent the beginning and end of his life. It is where he was born and bought up, and it also appears it is the place in which he spent the last three years in retirement, with his wife and three children before he died in 1616.

The coins pay tribute to each of Shakespeare’s major genres and the reverse designs take inspiration from his most famous plays, including Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Macbeth.

771KThe 2016 Certified BU Shakspeare £2 Three Coin Set

If you can’t wait to find these in your change the Brilliant Uncirculated collector versions are available to order here

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14 Responses to The Shakespeare £2 coins have been released into circulation…

  1. Angela says:

    What do you do if you find a 2pound coin with the words your country needs youbon it

  2. Mike says:

    So now I know the reason why it’s so hard to find these coins. They’re only entered into circulation in certain areas !!! Little wonder I don’t see anything in the south of England. Then when they do get here they’re bashed about & been round the country heaven knows how many times. Why can’t they just be released all over so everyone gets a chance at getting a half descent coin ??? I think I might as well throw all mine back into the one arm bandits as I know I’m not going to get these latest 2015/16 coins for another couple of years !!!

  3. Mike says:

    Now I know why I find it difficult to find these coins. They start out in circulation in one area the the rest of us in the southern part of the country don’t get a look in until they’ve been bashed about & half way round the country. I think I’ll stop collecting now I know why it’s so difficult to find them & in a fairly good condition !!!

  4. James wood says:

    What about the rest of the country we always seem to be left behind same as the Potter 50 pence coins?jj

    • Yasmin Britton says:

      Hi James, now that the coins have been released we are sure they’ll start circulating in other areas of the country and the same goes for the Peter Rabbit 50p’s. Thanks, Yasmin

  5. Jackie Pedzinski says:

    Before you circulate the 2016 £2.00 coins, where are the 2015 £2.00 coins ? Someone please tell me. My albums are lonely without the Magna Carta and Royal Navy !!!ŷ

    • Yasmin Britton says:

      Hi Jackie, we thought the Magna Carta £2 and the Royal Navy £2 coins would enter circulation in March but we are yet to find. We’re sure they will turn up soon but no details as of yet. Thanks, Yasmin

      • Dave says:

        Hi, my question is quite similar so I hope you don’t hide me replying to this post! Is there any way that we can find out when they do go into circulation – is it something that is likely to be published do you think? I’m guessing that the 2015 coins haven’t yet been released as the mintage figures on the CC and RM websites currently only go up to 2014? Thanks!

    • Gary Newman says:

      Hi Jackie the magna carta and royal navy are due for circulation at the end of June this year that’s what royal mint said to me today hope this helps

  6. michael burman says:

    have not yet seen 2015 special £2 coins-any news?

    • Yasmin Britton says:

      Hi Michael, no details on the 2015 commemorative £2 coins as of yet but we’re sure they’ll turn up soon. Thanks, Yasmin

  7. Liam Doolan says:

    So where can I find the Shakespeare coins then

    • Yasmin Britton says:

      Hi Liam, the coins have gone into the tills at the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon where Hamlet is currently being performed. Thanks, Yasmin

      • and you can get them from the giftshop near shakespeare’s birthplace. i travelled 4hrs from barrow-in-furness, CUMBRIA. yesterday for the launch and the celebrations of 400 yrs since shakespeare’s died.

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