Check your FIVER now – it could be worth £100+

Last week the Bank of England launched its first ever plastic banknote. And they are already fetching HUNDREDS of pounds online. 


An Ebay listing of an AA Serial number Banknote with bids in excess of £100

The notes have already proved popular with the public, but now they might even be worth a LOT more than £5.

The new £5 notes are printed on Polymer – a thin and flexible plastic material. This means that these new notes are cleaner, safer and stronger than paper notes and feature added security features.


Polymer £5 Banknotes were released into circulation last week

Now’s the time to check your fiver to see if you have one of the first notes to be printed!

The first banknotes to be printed will carry a serial number starting with AA01 and will then be followed by a six-digit number.

The serial number of the first note printed is AA01 000001 which was given as a gift to the Queen.

440million of the notes have been printed and distribution into banks and cash machines is expected to be completed by the end of next week. There are 999,999 new fivers with the AA01 prefix, so you never know, there’s still a chance to find one with a special serial number.

On 3rd October, the Bank of England is auctioning off a batch of low serial number banknotes. The lowest number Bank of England polymer £5 available to the public is expected to fetch a staggering £800 – £1200 at the charity event.


This banknote is expected to fetch between £800 and £1200 for charity

So dig out that brand new fiver you’ve been keeping safe and see if you’ve won the low serial number lottery! You could be carrying a fortune around in your wallet!

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449 Responses to Check your FIVER now – it could be worth £100+

  1. Jenna connell says:

    I have AA36, AK48 , AJ18,AB11AM39,AK18,AK50.
    Are these worth more than £5 each?

  2. Bee Harradine-Mies says:

    I have a AA01 1 69766 new 5 pound note, could you tell me if it has any value .

  3. Meryl shippam says:

    I have an aa25 and aa44

  4. Dave says:

    Is my Aa 57 worth anything

  5. Peter sands says:

    I have a new £5 note serial number
    AA38 256990

    Is this worth anything if so please contact me
    Many thanks Peter.

  6. rodger Gibson says:

    I have aa 09 whats it worth

  7. meena mehmi says:

    I’ve got fiver with the numbers AA37013960

  8. Rich says:

    I have a fiver with AK 49 104980 is it worth anything?

  9. Deb says:

    Hi I’ve got a fiver with a a 49 is it worth anything

  10. Adam says:

    I have AA02 is that worth more than it’s actual value?

  11. Pamela Horan says:

    I have an AA26 457347 £5 – is it worth more than £5? Thank you.

  12. jai says:

    hi i have an £5 not AJO4 185680 is it worth anything plz x

  13. Fiona mckenzie says:

    I’ve got AA24272080 is it worth anything more than a £5

  14. Rhydian says:

    I have a £5 note … AA38 275003 is this a collecter?

  15. Mick says:

    I have nine new notes in sequence AH22 022251_AH22 022259.Worth anything?

  16. Terry haigh says:

    I hav an AA05 bank note is it worth anything

  17. Zoe Farrell says:

    I hav ak 40 and ak 22 5 pound notes r they worth anything

  18. Bk says:

    I have got AA14 and AA43 five pounds note .Is it worth anything?

  19. Pippa says:

    I have one with serial number AJ01 is it worth anything? Thankyou.

  20. Mark hayes says:

    I have numbers AA 17 is it worth anything

  21. I have a new £5 note beginning AK01 is it valuable

  22. Paul Andrews says:

    I have two aa10 and three aa44 running consecutive are they worth anything

  23. Melissa says:

    I have a couple with AA09 are they worth anything ?

  24. Annette says:

    Change checker 😂😂it checks sweet FA 👎👎what a load of shite 😕💱💩💩 still non the wiser as no reply or response ????

  25. Leanne says:

    I have one ak49929692 can’t work out what’s it’s worth ? A fiver knowing my luck .

  26. Murdoch says:

    I have an ak47 and an aa44 are they worth anything

  27. Raymond Keen says:

    I have a note AA54 235870 IS IT WORTH ANYTHING

  28. Raymond Keen says:

    I have a note AA54 235870 IS IT WORTH ANYYJINGr

  29. martin mitchell says:

    1 have a ak 07 five pound is it worth more than a fiver

  30. sara says:

    I have a AA05 how do i find out if this id worth anything?

  31. Colin beadles says:

    Hi l got fiver with AA30. Is it worth or not ?

  32. Chris Houghton says:

    Hi I have the following so far can you tell me if they are of any value?

  33. Annette says:

    Ak 48 011097 New £5 note

  34. Mr paul blow says:

    I have a new £5 note with letters begining in AA14 . 596455 . Has it any value more than its worth .

  35. Shelly says:


  36. Shelly says:

    I have new fiver with serial number
    AA11143145 do you think it’s collectable

  37. Charlotte says:

    I have an.aa05 is it worth anything

  38. Asher says:

    I have an AA05 note is it worth anything?

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