This £5 banknote just sold for £4,150!

One of the new polymer £5 banknotes featuring Winston Churchill recently sold for a whopping £4,150 at a Bank of England charity auction on Monday 3rd October.

The banknote was only expected to fetch £800-£1200 at the charity event but it actually went for 830 times its face value!


This banknote sold for an extraordinary £4,150 at the charity auction.

Just last month we reported that banknotes with the serial number beginning with AA01 were selling online for hundreds of pounds. The banknotes which were released into circulation on September 13th are still catching the public’s attention with collectors looking to keep hold of the notes while they are still in good condition.

The first batch of banknotes from the presses carry a serial number starting AA01, followed by a six-digit number. There are 999,999 new fivers with the AA01 prefix and these are the ones selling for vast sums.


Winston Churchill features on the new Polymer £5 Banknotes

The £5 note was lot one at the event held in London and carried the serial number AA01 000017, making it the lowest available to the public according to auctioneers Spink.

A lot of bids came through online and it is thought that a lot of interest in these banknotes came from across the pond because Churchill was a well-known face over in the US.

The Bank of England Charity event raised a total of £203,820 with the money going to three worthy charities which were chosen by staff at the Bank of England.

A total of 601 banknotes were up for sale at the event and every banknote sold well over its estimate sale price.

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44 Responses to This £5 banknote just sold for £4,150!

  1. I have Ak50 and Ak44 worth anything?

  2. Kiranjit says:

    I have an AM 21 and 49 five pound note. What’s it wotth?

  3. I have seen these soar in the past couple of weeks. The ones that seem to have most value are the serial no’s starting AA01 and even more if the rest of the no.s match a date. For example someones date of birth could be 5th of June 1980 the serial no would be like- AA01 050680

    Also if you have certain amounts of notes with the serial no. consecutive to each other sell very well.

    Have a look at the site

  4. Leila says:

    I have a AA30 is this worth anything

  5. Donna Staines says:

    I have a 5.00 with ak47 is it worth anything

  6. Mrs Miriam Parrish says:

    I have a £5banknote it is AA49314119 what is it worth

  7. Hi I have a banknote with the this wort anything please..

  8. Declan Waggett says:

    Hi i have a AK05 107957, AK26 016673 these worth anything other than 5 pounds each??

  9. Karen says:

    I have an AA01 new £5.00 can anyone tell me if it is worth more than a £5a please

  10. Tina lee says:

    I have a £5 AA 21 182968
    Is this worth anything?

  11. Nicholette Stothard says:

    I have a new £5 note with serial number AB09380284 is it worth anything?

  12. rachel byrne says:


  13. Ak09807232 ia it worth anyThing

  14. Kris buckley says:

    I have 3 notes ak27079989 And ak14507098 and aa12096027 are they worth anything

  15. hi if someone interested I have 5 pound aa01012387

  16. wayne gornall says:

    I have a bank note of Churchill with AA02 108463 can it be worth something also a AK03 011543 can that be worth anything..please let me know if they are thanks

  17. luke says:

    I’ve got a AA09 is it worth anything

  18. Joanne says:

    My son has AA22 is that worth any thing

  19. Jackie says:

    I have AA37 AA01 are they worth anything

  20. ian dowler says:

    I have a crisp 5 pound note AA11 code is it worth any value

  21. Darren says:

    I’ve got a new fiver AK46 what’s it worth

  22. Emidio says:

    I guy’s somebody need aa0101

  23. Emidio Micucci says:

    I have aa0101 somebody need

  24. Sally says:

    U have ak 45 what’s it worth

  25. linda cullen says:

    I have a five pound note with aa16 is it worth anything?

  26. linda cullen says:

    I have a five pound note with aa16is it worth anything?

  27. Carol Bould says:

    I have a new fiver AA01 647260 is that worth anything.

  28. Dominick says:

    Hi i would like to know how much the value i will get for AA24 448579

  29. Paul steel says:

    Is a five pound note serial no AA 05 worth more than five pound

  30. Martin Atkinson says:

    I have a fiver AA18 144403, is it worth more than £5.00?

  31. N. Ramsey. says:

    I have one with what I believe is an error, not the typical run of fives under the queens neck type of error either. I would like it verified.. can anyone advise how I can get this done?

  32. mike says:

    hi I have a new £5 note AA12097196 is
    it worth anything

  33. Tracey Benton says:

    I have Aa36 339338, is it worth anything?

  34. Stacey willson says:

    I have AA15
    Is it worth anything?

  35. kels says:

    i have aa02 and aa03 are they of value?

  36. Andy Barnes says:

    Finally were starting to catch up with the rest of the world. Let’s not dilly dally, the sooner the better for £10, £20 & £50 notes the better.

  37. Chris coffey says:

    I have 1 aa35 is it worth anything

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