The Anatomy of the new 12-sided £1 Coin

Tomorrow the new £1 coin will be released into circulation around the UK, sparking a new flurry of interest in coins from the general public.

Just like the polymer fiver back in September, the new £1 is sure to create excitement across the UK as people get their hands on the new coins for the first time.

So here’s what to look out for when you find one:

It’s also worth looking out for the date on your £1 when you find one in your change. The Royal Mint have confirmed that at least 1.4 billion £1 coins in total will enter circulation, but half a billion of these £1 coins will be dated 2016.

When you do find your first pound make sure you post a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #foundapound, and also tag the location you found it!

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5 Responses to The Anatomy of the new 12-sided £1 Coin

  1. Rachaelee says:

    I’ve got one today quite surprised if I’m honest as they was not suppose to be hull just yet


  2. Its great that hopefully these new coin will not be able to be copied but what a hassle it is going to cause when you want to use a shopping trolley or anthing that takes £1coins. I will be keeping a couple of the old ones until everuthing has been changed


  3. Trish Wood says:

    When is a coin going to be released first in the east midlands
    Polymer £5 (not released near east midlands)
    Potters (not released near east midlands)
    New £1 coins( not released near east mids)
    Main post office shops( not near east mids)
    Im not too bothered about waiting but this gives the opportunity to greedy people changing up thousand of pounds then selling them on to people that can get the because of the availabillity because of where they live. Anyone who lives in north yorkshire must be laughing once again, when theyve been and swopped a couple of thousand and selling them yet again to the people in the east mids.
    This needs to be fairer. Release something in the east midlands so we all have a chance at collecting and its not just a money making scam for those that are lucky enough to live in the areas where coins are always released first.

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    • Jackie Pedzinski says:

      I couldn’t agree more but if people are stupid enough to buy for more than £1.00, coins that will be commonplace in at most a month, that’s their lookout.
      Slightly different with “special” coins i.e. Shakespeare because at time of release we have no idea how many, could it be another Kew ??
      I also agree about distribution, we in Suffolk always come off very badly !!
      Happy collecting. Jackie ( as my daughters call me ) saddo coin collector !


  4. Jackie Pedzinski says:

    Now the new pound coin is almost here, what happens to my 5 sets of £1.00 coins. They are for my grandchildren, in hopefully years to come (when I pop my clogs) if the kids don’t want them will they be able to exchange them at a bank or the Bank of England ??.


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