50p “Scarcity Index” Launched – discover which UK 50p coins are the most collectable

Can’t wait – click here to reveal the UK’s “scarcest” 50p coin

Change Checker has launched the 50p “Scarcity Index”, which tracks which circulating 50p coins are the most scarce and collectable. 

The index uses a unique combination of mintage, collecting and swap data to give the most up-to-date picture of today’s 50p coin collecting market.

The top 5

There’s no surprise to find Kew Gardens at the top of the list.  With a mintage of just 210,000, it is also the least owned and most requested swap.  The next 4 scarcest coins are all from the 2012 Olympics – Football, Triathlon, Judo and Wrestling.

The recent Beatrix Potter 50p coins also rank highly, with Jemima Puddle-Duck and Squirrel Nutkin coming in at numbers 6 and 7 – based largely on their low level of ownership and high swap requests, as official mintages are yet to be confirmed by the Royal Mint.

Click here to see the full list

How the Scarcity Index works

Generally collectors have had to rely upon mintage figures to identify the scarcest coins.  But they only tell part of the story.  Trying to find a good quality coin from 15 – 20 years ago, even for a higher mintage issue, is much more challenging than a more recent issue, as coins become damaged over time and are ultimately removed from circulation.

Additionally, some designs are more hoarded than others by people who might not normally collect coins – the Beatrix Potter issues being a classic example.  Finally, it can be up to a couple of years before the Royal Mint eventually confirms the actual mintage for an issue.

That’s why we have combined the mintage information with two other key pieces of information.

  • How many of each design are listed as “collected” by Change Checkers, indicating the relative ease of finding a particular coin.
  • The number of times a design has been requested as a swap over the previous 3 months, showing the current level of collector demand.

Importantly, as new coins are released and popularity rises and falls across different designs the Scarcity Index will be updated quarterly allowing Change Checkers to track the relative performance of the UK’s circulation coins.

How much are my coins worth?

The Scarcity Index does not necessarily equate to value but it is certainly an effective indicator.  Whilst Kew Gardens 50p coins command prices on eBay of between £70 and £100, other coins towards the top of the scarcity index typically achieve a premium of roughly 10 – 12 times face value.

But don’t forget the joy of Change Collecting is that you have always have a chance of finding any one of these coins in your change – even Kew Gardens – you just have to be sharp-eyed.

What about £1 and £2 Coins?

The £1 Scarcity Index has already been published for the round £1 coins and, because they are no longer being issued, this is now set in stone.  Change Checker will be releasing the £2 Scarcity Index later in April.



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61 Responses to 50p “Scarcity Index” Launched – discover which UK 50p coins are the most collectable

  1. Kyia says:

    I have a blow buggies blow 50p how much is this worth ?


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  4. Sheila Innes says:

    I have two 50ps of No. 510n your list as posted in FB. They have part of a harp, a line down the middle, and what looks like lions or gryphons. How much are these worth individually, if anything?


  5. Hazel says:

    I have a 2011 50p number 22 on the list how much is it worth


  6. Rita Orange says:

    If anybody is still looking for Olympic coins, get in touch with me


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  8. steven hair says:

    i hav a battle of hastings 50p any offers


  9. Sophie Miller says:

    Hi I have a brand new shaped £1 coin dated 2016…
    Is it normal for this be in circulation?
    Is it worth more than face value please?


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  11. Steve Clarke says:

    As per usual you have forgotten the rarest 50 pence ever issued by the Royal Mint, 1992-93 EU coin. Why do lists like this consistently do this ?????????
    I realise it is a “large” 50 pence


  12. Siobhan Cavanagh says:

    I have nutkin squirrel 50pence how much is it worth.


  13. T says:

    I also have the full set of 24 £1 coins. And a misprinted 2011 £2 coin (queens head upside down)


  14. T says:

    I belive i have found a rare new £1 coin. It has several printing errors. Where or who do i conatct? TIA


  15. Christopher matthews says:

    Change checker is a Brilliant idea for getting people to start collecting coins especialy for the kids


  16. Danny says:

    I have a battle of hastings 50p


  17. Paul Pinchbeck says:

    Hi I’m looking for a Kew Gardens 50p to complete my collection,could swap coins or pay a fair price


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  19. Louise says:

    I have nutkin the squrial


  20. Justin Case says:

    I have a 50p with the queens head on it. How much is that worth?


  21. Martin says:

    I was lucky enough to get a Kew Gardens 50p in my change a couple of weeks ago.


  22. I have two Beatrix potter 50p coins
    Jemima puddle duck and miss twiggy winkle what are they worth.


  23. Irene Pervin says:

    I have a 50p which is No.19 (FairPlay) on list what is this worth if anything and what do I do with it .


  24. Kimberley says:

    I have one with Peter rabbit on it how much is it worth pls


    • Justin Case says:

      It’s worth what anyone is willing to pay. I would estimate you will find some moron who will pay you £5 for your 50p. Well done.


  25. Kimberley says:

    I have 50p with Peter rabbit on it how much is it worth pls


  26. Maria Mcdonagh says:

    Hi where can I sale my coins


  27. The rarest of all 50ps if one takes into consideration including the old large size is actually the 1992 Single Market Mintage is only 109,000. Just over half the mintage figure for Kew Gardens but currently sells for much less.

    I must really congratulate Change Checker because sites like this are really generating a new interest in coin collecting along with The Royal Mint when they started the Great Coin hunt in 2012 to coincide with the Olympic games.


    • Xavier says:

      I agree because since I have the exact coin you are talking about, when I hold it and feel it it is quite significant from the rest.


  28. Maria says:

    I have a football one how much are they worth? Or should i keep it?


  29. Jellybear4 says:

    Im going to the royal mint today…


  30. Hannah Norton-Barker says:

    I have a Mrs Tiggy-Winkle 50p. Not sure how much I can get for it.


  31. A walton says:

    I have the 50p coin Battle of Britain 1940.


  32. Dylan says:

    My 50p coin says it’s one of the 24 rarest coins, how much could the no.36(NHS) 50p be worth?


  33. Barry J Evans says:

    hi, the 1992-93 presidency of ec council 50p had a mintage of 109,000 so shouldn’t this be the highest on the scarcity index?


    • Yasmin Britton says:

      hi Barry, yes you’re right but that 50p is no longer in circulation. Our scarcity index only details UK 50p’s in circulation. Hope this helps. Thanks, Yasmin


  34. Caroline saily says:

    I have a £2 coin with charles dickens head on the back and on his head it says all of his novels all the way down his face is this a rare coin?


  35. Christopher matthews says:

    When will the new beartrix potter 50p coins comming out


  36. Bekki says:

    I don’t understand the value of my 50p could u explain it to me in more detail plz


  37. Sam says:

    I have a new one pound that looks like a miss strike it’s 2016 it’s got a rounded edge on one side of coin and clearly looks like it’s had a join in the metal on the out side edge


  38. wendy leeds says:

    I have a Peter Rabbit 50p piece how do i find out what it may be worth please?


  39. Charlie says:

    I have willam Shakespeare 2 pound coin with a skull with a rose


  40. Mike says:

    I’m a milkman so deal with lots of change every week and customer of mine showed me a 2p coin last week with No Queens head it has two tails sides have you come across this before m


    • I am a coin dealer. I have seen a number of these type coins over the year. All have been created to produce a novelty coin by filing down 2 coins and joining the together. I currently have a 10p with lion on and a 2p head side. I recently had a £1 coin made into a puzzle.


  41. Mark Lenoir says:

    What’s the difference between VC 1 and 2. Please


    • Yasmin Britton says:

      Hi Mark sorry for the confusion, VC1 is the Victoria Cross Medal and VC2 is the Heroic Acts 50p. Hope this helps. Thanks, Yasmin


  42. simon ewbank says:

    I take it the isle of man TT motorbike 50p coins are not included on this list.


    • Yasmin Britton says:

      Hi Simon, we currently only list UK coins on Change Checker. We may look to add coins from the British Isles in the future though. Hope this helps. Thanks, Yasmin


  43. Amy McGivern says:

    I have a few 50ps that I think are worth some money is there anyway I could send pictures and get an estimation?


    • Yasmin Britton says:

      Hi Amy, unfortunately we do not offer valuations. It is probably best to check eBay for a price indication. Hope this helps. Thanks, Yasmin


    • Mezzie says:

      They are worth 50p plus whatever collectors are willing to pay to have the coin.E.Bay sometimes has silly prices, which makes us think coins are worth more than is realistic.


  44. Beryl Long says:

    Just started to collect a few coins, so great fun checking our change when we go shopping.


  45. Marie says:

    Hi I have this 2 pounds coin it has the w writeing upside down it 1809.darwin.2009


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