Poll: Choose your all-time favourite £1 coin design

As part of the Great One Pound Coin Race, we want to find out Britain’s ultimate favourite £1 coin.

Over the last couple of months we’ve been asking Change Checkers to vote for their favourite UK, Scottish, Northern Irish, Welsh and English £1 coin designs.

Now this is the last poll left to vote in until we find out which £1 coin is Britain’s all-time favourite design.

Please vote for your favourite £1 coin from the finalists in the below poll:


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15 Responses to Poll: Choose your all-time favourite £1 coin design

  1. Dave says:


  2. Christopher matthews says:

    Exellent design

  3. I have the last round pound coin and believe it’s a beautiful design.

  4. I’m still waiting for special delivery of this coin still not recieved it? When will it arrive it is the last pound I need literally
    Unhappy customer I have been to post office they still say they don’t have it what’s going on? Please email me

  5. Antony Baverstock says:

    Love collecting coins

  6. William Wray says:

    last of the round pound era. History made.

  7. caroline thom says:

    Wish this had been released as isa bute

  8. Ian Dark says:

    Pity this coin wasn’t released to he general public. Nice design.

  9. Terry McElligott says:

    It’s just a shame that the Royal Mint’s Last Round Pound was not put into circulation as it looks like the most popular so far in this vote.

  10. Beverley jones says:

    I love this is just beautiful xx

  11. Tricia says:

    Very difficult choice they are all beautiful coins shame they won’t be around after October

  12. Jean Wolff says:

    It’seems the last one ever.

  13. It has to be the 1988 Crowned Shield by Gorringe

  14. Mike duncan says:

    England first same as brexit

  15. Christopher matthews says:

    Nice coin

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