These are the Top 10 tips to complete your £1 Coin Collection…

The Great One Pound Coin Race is well underway and lots of you have already managed to complete a full collection of £1 coins.

For those of you that haven’t don’t worry, there’s still time… but it is getting harder!

You’ve only got until 15 October to find all 24 circulating £1 coin designs so here are the Top 10 tips to complete your collection.

Since the release of the new 12-sided £1 coin last month, the new £1 has been turning up everywhere, and that means the round pounds will start to slowly disappear. That’s because the banks will stop issuing the round pounds and will start to take them out of circulation.

Lots of you have also come forward with your own tips and tricks for finding £1 coins…

How to enter the Great One Pound Coin Race

If you haven’t started your Great One Pound Coin Race yet, it’s not too late.  Simply click here to enter today and you too could own a complete collection of £1 coins direct from your change before they’re gone for ever.

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7 Responses to These are the Top 10 tips to complete your £1 Coin Collection…

  1. Mikem says:

    Hi have completed two sets .


  2. Alan Cosker says:

    I have all twenty five coins no twenty four as there was a 2016 coin made but not circulated.I have some duplicates an a duplicate Mary Rose two pound coin.Is there anyone out here interested .Ring 01792582034 for further information.


  3. Tim says:

    Complete collection, working in a 2nd collection for my partner. Also doing an extended collection with all the designs but with the extra headache of the full mintage.
    Wish me luck👍👍👍


  4. william inkster says:

    the only £1 coin I need is 1999


  5. Dieter Sullivan says:

    I now have One complete set of every year £1 Coins circulated and One complete set of Brilliant Uncirculated £1 coins plus loads of spares.


  6. tony hall says:

    easy i just o into my local natwest i have an account there and draw £100 out in 50p,s check them then go and put them back in the change deposit wall till it goes straight back into my account then draw it back out in notes i do this twice a week


  7. Les kent says:

    DONE IT, I have every £1 coin1983 to 2017 all with the inscription the right way up
    PLUS another complete set with every inscription upside down, 87 £1 coins in total.


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