June 2017 Video Newsletter

With 4 new coin releases, 1 coin unexpectedly entering circulation and a genuine minting error confirmed, June was a very exciting month. Watch as Yasmin and Luke discuss all the latest change collecting news.

The Phonescope works by clipping onto a mobile device, and magnifying the camera, allowing you to take incredible close-up photos and videos.


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6 Responses to June 2017 Video Newsletter

  1. Scott bankier says:

    I have a pound coun thats got an error with it.i was wondering if it might be fake or if their is more on them in circulation.scott


  2. michael burman says:

    Do you know if any ordinary coins have been issued this year apart from £1 coin?


    • Luke Hearn says:

      Hi Michael, can you explain what you mean when you say ‘ordinary’? Do you mean definitive designs? Thanks Luke


      • michael burman says:

        Yes as I have not seen ANY coins dated 2017 apart from the new £1


      • Luke Hearn says:

        Hi Michael, We cannot be 100% certain as The Royal Mint do not release this information, but we haven’t seen any other than the 12-sided £1 coin. Thanks Luke


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