Here’s when the new Jane Austen £10 banknote is being released…

Today, on the 200th Anniversary of Jane Austen’s death, The Bank of England officially revealed the new £10 polymer banknote in a ceremony at Winchester Cathedral – the burial place of Jane Austen. 

Winchester Cathedral- the burial place of Jane Austen

What does it look like?

The new £10 note features a portrait image of Jane Austen (commissioned by her nephew James Edward Austen Leigh in 1870), alongside the famous quotation from her novel Pride and Prejudice: ‘I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!” 

The new Jane Austen £10 banknote – Source: Bank of England

Jane Austen’s writing table – the central design in the background is inspired by the 12 sided writing table, and writing quills, used by Jane Austen at Chawton Cottage.​ An illustration of Miss Elizabeth Bennet undertaking “The examination of all the letters which Jane had written to her” from a drawing by Isobel Bishop (1902-1988) is also featured.

The new £10 note is 15% smaller than the current £10 note – Source: Bank of England

There is also an image of Godmersham Park, the home of Edward Austen Knight (Jane Austen’s brother). It is believed that she visited the house often and it was the inspiration for a number of Jane Austen’s novels.

When can I find one in my change?

The new note will enter circulation on 14th September this year. However, with millions of existing ten pound notes still in use you may not be able to find one straight away.

Will I still be able to spend my current £10 notes?

Yes you will, but only up until a Spring 2018 – a withdrawal date has not yet been announced.  As with the old paper £5 notes, the £10 note will eventually cease to be legal tender – but you will still be able to exchange them at the Bank of England.

What will happen to the paper £10 notes once they’re no longer legal tender?

There are approximately 723,000,000 paper ten pound notes in circulation, but the Bank of England does have a plan for them.

Once the Bank of England start to withdraw the paper £10 notes from circulation, they will be recycled.

In the early 2000s, the Bank of England introduced a new way to get rid of its old notes – by recycling them with a composting treatment similar to that used with food waste.

This recycling method was put into place for all paper-note waste in 2011, using them as a soil improver for agriculture.

So the new era of Plastic Banknotes is officially upon us! What do you make of the new Jane Austen design? 

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4 Responses to Here’s when the new Jane Austen £10 banknote is being released…

  1. Alan Herd says:

    Wonder if u can help
    Got a royal bank of Scotland £20 note
    Only printed on one side
    Serial number on blank side and all water marks there
    Is it worth anything ?

  2. Zawhora Khanam says:

    I want to know what happened old £1 coin? I know now new £1 spread.

    I heard they said old £1 coin finishes end September???

    • Luke Hearn says:

      Hi Zawhora, The Round £1 Coin will be withdrawn from circulation on Sunday 15th October. After this time it will cease to be legal tender. Thanks Luke

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