Coin Photo of the Year- ‘Architecture’ voting!

The final category for the Change Checker Coin Photo of the Year 2017 competition was ‘Architecture’ and we’ve had some superb entries!

It was a tough decision, but we’ve selected our favourite 4 photos. It’s now over to you to decide which photo will go through to the final to be in with a chance of becoming Coin Photo of the Year 2017.

Take a look at the photos below and vote for your favourite in the poll at the bottom of the page. (Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 27th August):

Healing Hands

Edinburgh Castle

Beautiful Anglesey


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7 Responses to Coin Photo of the Year- ‘Architecture’ voting!

  1. Lolly says:

    I like the textures in this photo and that the coin as is able to be made a more ingrated part of the piece as a whole.

  2. Helen Bate says:

    Edinburgh Castle is fantastic; it was built from scratch making it true architecture. Well done!

  3. Lesley Hilton says:

    Healing hands photo is the most inventive, closely followed by the Edinburgh castle photo.

  4. I love to learn about History. I believe collecting coins is a great way to do this. 💎

  5. Richard Skelly. says:


  6. Mr G McDonnell says:

    The healing hands photo is ideal to me for Architecture category as it was one of the first 50p’s after decimalisation representing the new NHS.

    • J.G Morris says:

      I love the Healing Hands, because it represents the care we should all have, not just to take but to give as well. NHS is simply the best health service in the world…Good job coin person (We need more money for the National Health Service to help us all when in need of care!)
      Great comment Mr McDonnell. The photo is also ideal & appeals to me as well.

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