A History of the 50p Coin

Today marks 20 years since the small 50p was first released into circulation.

To celebrate this anniversary we’ve taken a look back at the history of the 50p over the last 48 years…

You can download our infographic in a handy PDF format: A History of the 50p coin

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8 Responses to A History of the 50p Coin

  1. Nabendu says:

    I have got few 50p coin’s,WWF,JUDO,BATTLE OF HASTINGS,is it worth…and I got 2pound 1807,


  2. Paul Young says:

    Good day, I have a 1986 £2 Commonwealth coin and I know some are selling it at £10-13 but what is the realistic price for a circulated coin?


    • Luke Hearn says:

      Hi Paul, the honest answer is that a coin is worth only what a collector is willing to pay. The value of a circulation coin can increase if it has a low mintage figure or a genuine minting error. With regards to your 1986 £2 Commonwealth coin, £10-£13 does seem slightly on the high side, I’ve seen these coins selling for between £2.50-£5 on eBay. However, if your coin is in excellent condition, it may be worth slightly more. I hope this helps- Luke


  3. David smith says:

    Eec 1992 50 pence mint


  4. mr terrence moch says:

    is it possible for you to put any of the 1992/93 50p or the 2009 kew garden 50p up for sale on your site as these are the only two coins I need for my collection . also I have the complete collection of coins from the great recoinage of 1815 to predecimal and would love to know the value;


    • Luke Hearn says:

      Hi Terrence, unfortunately, due to their scarcity, we do not have stock of either of these 50p coins. The vast majority of which are most likely now in private collections. Sorry I can’t be more help on this occasion. – Luke


  5. Paul culling says:

    Is the 1973 EEC coin worth anything with us leaving please


    • Luke Hearn says:

      Hi Paul, At present a circulated version of the 1973 EEC 50p coin sell for between £2-3.50 on auction sites. It’s hard to predict if this value will increase with Brexit, but may be worth holding on to it just in case! – Luke


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