STOP: the five £1 coins you must NOT cash in!

There is only one month left until the Round £1 coins are demonetised and the public, now more than ever, are being encouraged to spend or return their coins to the banks.

However, there’s a few coins you definitely shouldn’t be cashing in. Here are the ones to look out for:

Scotland: Edinburgh City

The Edinburgh City £1 Coin

The Edinburgh City £1 coin was released in 2011 with a mintage of just 935,000, making it the lowest Round Pound by 680,000!

Taking this into account, there’s no real surprise that this coin sits top of our Scarcity Index with a perfect score of 100.

Such is the rarity, only 17% of Change Checker users list having this coin in their collection.

This coin currently sells for between £12-£16.


Wales: Cardiff City

The Cardiff City £1 Coin

Another of the capital cities series, the Cardiff City £1 coin is definitely one to keep.

Released in 2011, this coin has a mintage of just 1,615,000 and is in 2nd position in our Scarcity Index with a very high score of 88.

This coin depicts the circular Coat of Arms of Cardiff as the principal focus to represent Wales.

This coin is worth between £11-£15.

England: London City

The London City £1 Coin

The 3rd coin from the capital cities series that you should hold on to is the London City £1 coin. Interestingly, the Belfast City coin does not make our list.

Released in 2010, this coin has a mintage of 2,635,000, much higher than Edinburgh and Cardiff but low in comparison to other £1 coins.

London City scores an impressive 77/100 in our Scarcity Index.

This coin can sell for between £5-£8.

Scotland: Thistle and Bluebell

Scotland: Thistle and Bluebell £1 coin

The Thistle and Bluebell £1 coin was released in 2014 as part of the floral emblems series.

It has a mintage figure of 5,185,000 and scores a 55 on our Scarcity Index, coming in 4th place.

This coin features a thistle alongside a bluebell to represent Scotland.

This is worth between £3-£5.

UK: Crowned Shield

UK: Crowned Shield £1 coin

The UK Crowned Shield £1 coin was released way back in 1988, only 5 years after the Round £1 came into circulation.

Although it has a relatively low mintage figure of 7,118,825, this coin makes the list due to some interesting Change Checker App data.

It scores a 51 in our Scarcity Index but less than 1/4 of Change Checker users list having this coin in their collection and swap requests outnumber swap listings by 6 to 1!

This coin will sell for between £3-£5.50.

It’s worth noting that our valuations are based on coins that have recently sold on auction sites. The value of a coin depends on a number of factors including the coin’s condition.

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34 Responses to STOP: the five £1 coins you must NOT cash in!

  1. margaret Garaghty says:

    Is there a “RoundPound” card or display box I can put my full collection of £1 please.

  2. Samuel Okwei-Nortey says:

    If you have an Edinburgh coin for sale, would you pls let me know if I could afford it. I have some Cardiff, London and Scotland Thistle and Bluebell coins for exchange or sale. (In good condition)

    • Luke Hearn says:

      Hi Samuel, unfortunately we do not have any Edinburgh £1 coins for sale, such is their scarcity – Luke

      • Samuel Okwei-Nortey says:

        Thank you, Luke. But bare in mind that I am very interested in acquiring one. That’s the one I need to complete my collection.

  3. Ann m Kerr says:

    Hi I have a 2pound coin with a old Lang syne could this be with anything thank you

  4. Madeline williams says:

    Still need Edinburgh for my collection. Please send me one I will pay.

    • Luke Hearn says:

      Hi Madeline, I’m afraid that we do not have any Edinburgh City £1 coins for sale such is the scarcity. Thank Luke

  5. Ian Coulson says:

    Not wanting to sell but approximate how much Is a full set of Round Pound coins worth? Including the uncirculate last Pound coin 26 Pound coins in total
    Thanks in advance

    • Luke Hearn says:

      Hi Ian, I’m afraid that it’s impossible to say at the moment as it really depends on the condition of your coins and essentially what a collector would be willing to pay. However, we do predict that the value of these collections may rise once the coins are demonetised. Thanks Luke

  6. Ian Coulson says:

    What do you think the full set of round pound coins including the uncirculated one not wanting to sell just a approx price?

  7. Brummienutter says:

    im pleased to say that i kept every 1988 crowned pound coin i ever got and now have over 24 spare including one proof silver which i got for £7!

  8. Sharon Lange says:

    Do you have any info on a 1987 NI Flax, they all seem to be about 1986,1991??

    • Luke Hearn says:

      Hi Sharon, The NI Flax £1 was only struck in 1986 and 1991. If you have a coin with a date other than this, it is likely a fake I am afraid – Luke

    • ValerieF says:

      I have one of those too. The Royal Mint informed me it was a fake. I am going to put mine in my collection suitably labelled.

  9. Glynis Tamin says:

    Belfast £ coin ?

  10. Steve Roe says:

    I have a mis-struck one pound coin UK crowned shield. The stamp is about 1-2 mm off center could this be valuable ???

  11. Ajay Nawathe says:

    What about the 2008 Royal Coat of Arms coin? I’m told they are quite scarce. What are they worth?

  12. Michelle mccrea says:

    Phew!! Thank the stars I haven’t cashed my stash in!!👏👏 3 x City of Edinburgh coins Cheers

  13. Suzanne says:

    Can someone help me. I’m sitting here with two Flax £1 coins and when the queens head is facing up one has the writing the right way up and one upside down. I have tried to google it but can’t seem to find an answer to if it’s a minting error. Does anyone have any information they could tell me. Thanks

  14. Richard Skelly. says:

    Nice one Luke. Wish I had known about all this 10 years ago ! Keep it coming. Always interesting.

  15. Terry McElligott says:

    I have just lost pretty much all my collections which included these above after being burgled. So watch out they will be in circulation again.

  16. Caroline Driver says:

    Aha. I have all of these, and no intention of cashing them in, they are going to be my pretty bits of metal collection!

  17. ALAN WALL says:

    thank you very much for this info have printed out for my contact list x

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