Will the Sir Isaac Newton 50p coin become more scarce than the Kew Gardens?

It’s been reported in the media this week that the Sir Isaac Newton coin will become the most scarce 50p in UK circulation.

It has been reported that the Sir Isaac Newton 50p coin will become the most scarce in UK circulation

A number of outlets have suggested that only 375 coins will be released giving it a mintage figure 560 times less than the Kew Gardens 50p coin.

An unspecified number of Sir Isaac Newton 50p coins were released into circulation in June

However, we can confirm that this is not the case.

For starters, back in June an unspecified number of Isaac Newton coins were released into circulation. Based on the number of reports we’ve had from Change Checkers, we would estimate that this initial release was in the thousands.

It is true that The Royal Mint are releasing a small amount of Sir Isaac newton 50p coins at Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire this week. However, the decision to release a low number coins at the birthplace of Newton is to commemorate the 375th anniversary of the scientist’s birth and is not the total amount that will enter circulation.

Further Sir Isaac Newton coins will be released, in a recent press statement The Royal Mint confirmed, “Members of the public from across the UK can expect to see the circulating edition of the coin in their change over the forthcoming months.”

However, at this stage it is impossible to say when and how many of the remaining Sir Isaac Newton 50p coins will enter circulation. The release of circulation coins is driven by demand from the banks.

It is quite possible that this coin will have a low mintage figure, maybe even less than 210,000, the number of Kew Gardens 50p coins. However, based on previous commemorative coin releases, we believe this to be unlikely.

Either way, we hope you have good luck in your search!

We’d love to know if you’ve found the Sir Isaac Newton 50p coin in your change. Let us know by answering our poll:

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21 Responses to Will the Sir Isaac Newton 50p coin become more scarce than the Kew Gardens?

  1. Elizabeth King says:

    I have all the Peter rabbit coins collection
    I have a Kew gardens and a battle of Hastings

  2. Elaine duncan says:

    Got a complete bag of the 50ps soooooooòoo happppppppy

  3. bobby james says:

    I got one in bridlington

  4. Kerry says:

    I have multiple 50p including Jemima puddle duck and squirrel nutkin to swap for Kew gardens if anyone is interested?

  5. Kerry says:

    I have multiple 50p to swap including Jemima puddle duck and squirrel nutkin for Kew gardens if anyone is interested?

  6. Mark street says:

    I had 2 in one week in my change on the train not had one since though

  7. Robert Garner says:

    Got one

  8. Martin barnes says:

    Found a Isaac Newton 50p well happy

  9. Rob says:

    Just got £20 of 50p for school in Cardiff and all 40 are this new coin – lucky me – off to get lottery ticket now

  10. Louise says:

    I have a sir Isaac newton 50 p coin. Are they worth anything

  11. Jackie says:

    Still keeping my eyes open, not found any in Essex, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire.👀👀👀👀 hope I will be lucky soon. Happy collecting.

  12. jeffrey tout says:

    Hey, I have a new sir Isaac newton coun!! Very happy!!

  13. Sharon spence says:

    Hi my name is Sharon I have found an Issac 50p

  14. T McElligott says:

    Not found any in my area of East-Kent yet.

  15. S Morgan says:

    I have one of these 50p,s. What is its current value? Should I I keep hold of it until the value increases?

  16. Catarina Walker says:

    I’ve found a fifty pence with sir Issac Newton in my change three days ago

  17. Emma-Jayne COX says:

    Ive got 2 issac newton coins. Very happy

  18. michael burman says:

    have not seen any other specials this year so far

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