5 things you can still do with your Round Pounds

The deadline day to trade in your Round £1 coins has now been and gone yet it’s estimated that there’s still over 450 million coins in circulation.

It’s estimated that there are still over 450 million Round Pounds still in circulation.

However, don’t panic if you didn’t have time to return them to the bank or have found some in a forgotten piggybank, there’s a number of options for you.

Here’s a list of five things you can do with your old Round Pounds to ensure that you don’t lose out:

1. Check if your coin is rare

If you find a Round Pound, the first thing to do is check to see if it’s rare. The most accurate way to determine the rarity of a circulation coin is our Scarcity Index.

Our Scarcity Index is the most accurate way to determine the scarcity of your Round Pounds.

From our experience we know that the rarer a coin is, the more desirable it becomes to collectors.

Although they are unlikely to make you rich overnight, some of the rarest circulation £1 coins currently sell for up to £20 on eBay. We’d also expect this to increase slightly now the coins have been withdrawn from circulation.

2. Donate your coin to The RBL Poppy Appeal

The RBL will accept donated Round Pounds for the duration of their Poppy Appeal.

The Royal British Legion have announced that this year they’ll be accepting donated old pounds for the duration of their Poppy Appeal.

You can support the Armed Forces community by donating your coins right up until Remembrance Sunday which falls on the 12th November.

 3. Return your coin to the bank

You can still deposit your Round Pounds at high street banks but you’ll need to be quick as this is only a temporary measure and at the bank’s discretion.

 4. Spend your coin

A number of retailers have announced that they’ll continue to accept the Round Pound even though it is officially no longer legal tender.

Tesco and Poundland have agreed to continue accepting the Round Pound; Tesco for an extra week and Poundland until the 31st October.

The Federation of Small Businesses has also advised its members to continue accepting the round coins to provide a “useful community service” to customers.

5. Swap your coin using the Change Checker Swap Centre

You can list your Round Pounds as available to swap using our Swap Centre.

Now that an estimated 1.2 billion Round Pounds have been withdrawn from circulation by the Royal Mint, not forgetting the many thousands that have been added to private collections, it’s become increasingly difficult for collectors to complete their Round Pound sets.

If you find a Round Pound which you do not need, why not list it as available to swap on our Swap Centre? It may well be that it is the exact coin somebody is looking for.

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16 Responses to 5 things you can still do with your Round Pounds

  1. Craig Bailey says:

    After your appearance on Breakfast on 3rd October did you sell any of your £1 coins, or did your friends / associates?

  2. Jas says:

    I have numerous £1 coins and need the last £1 round coin. I have the crown shield, the rose & oak and the other 3 in the set.
    i can swap for 50p or £2 coins that i need.

    If you need any please contact me

  3. Terry McElligott says:

    My bank, the Nationwide Building Society said to me they have no deadline to return the old £1 coins. You can keep taking them in there if you are a customer.

  4. brian says:

    i have two full sets of cities and i am willing to listen for offers or swops i need a kew 50p
    a n i two pound and a claim of rights two pound to complete
    my 50-£1-£2 collections i am saving for my grand kids

  5. Michael says:

    You could use them in trolleys and lockers still.
    Maybe there’s some arcade or sending machines that will still accept them too

  6. brombles says:

    Anyone else now wondering whether to keep their incomplete £1 collection or not? I’ve got them all apart from Edinburgh and Cardiff. I did have one for each mintage year but decided just to keep one of each design (the year with the lowest mintage) so I now have 22.

    Will there be much value to these 22 in future if I keep them, or are they worthless now? Is it worth keeping an incomplete collection? Anyone got a crystal ball?

    • Mark says:

      Are you interested in selling them? I have two lots of the capital cities set in bunc.

      • brombles says:

        Well I was hoping to keep hold of them if I could be assured they might rise in value, and hopefully pick up the missing pieces later down the line. It is an impossible thing to assure it seems though.

  7. Mike Knight says:

    Superdrug is accepting them until Sunday 22nd October

  8. michael says:

    I would like to obtain the crowned shield . Can anyone help please..?

    • Tony T says:

      I have a spare but do not need any £1 coins. I need the newer Beatrix potters plus Kew in 50p’s, commonwealth games Ireland in £2, and a couple of pre 1997 £2’s.
      If you have any of these we could do a coin and maybe cash swap.

    • John says:

      Hi check out mcghin2007 on e bay they have all coins on there

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