November 2017 Video Newsletter

Watch as Yasmin and Luke discuss all the latest news from the world of change collecting…

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1 Response to November 2017 Video Newsletter

  1. David Atherton says:

    Hello Yasmin and Luke,
    First off let me say great job on the news letter videos keep up the good work. I was just writing to say I have been lucky enough to have found the isaac newton 50p also the tale of Peter rabbit coin, but I’m still waiting to find the world war 1 £2 coin with the fleet of ships and the big war ship in the centre, now last I heard it was never released?
    Now after your November video about the £10 NOTES I myself have not seen one for ages but managed to save one to go with the £5 NOTE and the £1 NOTE from way back when, do you think they are going to do this with all the notes?
    Would love to hear from you.

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