6th December 2017

The coin behind door six is the Paraguayan 1 Guaraní.

The currency of Paraguay is the Guaraní, which was originally divided into 100 céntimos, but due to inflation céntimos are no longer in circulation.

Paraguayan 1 Guaraní

The Paraguayan Guaraní currency is named after the Guraní indigenous communities of South America.

Guaraní were first issued in 1944, after the law was passed allowing the precious currency Peso to be replaced.

The reverse of the 1 Guaraní features the denomination and a pea plant, with the words ‘ALIMENTOS PARA EL MUNDO’ above, which translates as ‘Food for the World‘. The obverse features an image of a soldier surrounded by the lettering ‘REPUBLICA DEL PARAGUAY SOLDADO PARAGUAYO’. This image of the soldier is also used on Paraguayan banknotes.

The official languages of Paraguay are Spanish and Paraguayan Guaraní.