First look: New Royal Mint coin designs for 2018!

Every year The Royal Mint mark the year’s memorable events and anniversaries that capture the nation’s striking stories on circulating coins, and 2018 is no different.

Today The Royal Mint have unveiled the new themes and designs for all the 2018 commemorative coins, and Change Checkers can look forward to some very significant British anniversaries being commemorated.

£5: The Fifth Birthday of HRH Prince George of Cambridge

5th Birthday OB and REV 1024x565 - First look: New Royal Mint coin designs for 2018!

The reverse design is by Jody Clark and is an image of Saint George slaying a dragon with a spear. The obverse features Jody Clark’s portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This £5 coin marks the His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge’s 5th birthday

£2: The 200th Anniversary of the Publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Frankenstein OB and REV 1024x575 - First look: New Royal Mint coin designs for 2018!

The reverse of this coin was designed by Thomas Doherty and features the words ‘Frankenstein’ in an electric gothic font, with ‘Bicentenary of Mary Shelley’s The Modern Prometheus’ around the edge.

This £2 coin pays tribute to author Mary Shelley, who, 200 years ago, created an enduring nightmare through her novel Frankenstein, hailed as the first science fiction novel.

£2: The 100th Anniversary of the First World War Armistice

WW1 Armistace OB and REV 1024x572 - First look: New Royal Mint coin designs for 2018!

The reverse was designed by Stephen Raw and features the words ‘The truth untold, the pity of war’, from the Wilfred Owen poem Strange Meeting. The words stand out of a mud-like background in the centre of the £2.

The Armistice of 1918, the first step towards ending the horrors of the First World War, is marked by this £2 coin.

£2: The 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force

RAF Centenary OB and REV 1024x567 - First look: New Royal Mint coin designs for 2018!

The reverse features the design by Rhys Morgan of the Badge of the RAF. An eagle flies in front of a circle inscribed with the official motto ‘ Per Ardua Ad Astra’, which is Latin for ‘Through adversity to the stars’, with the Imperial Crown at the top.

This £2 coin commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force and its inspirational role in protecting the skies above Britain.

50p: The 100th Anniversary of the Representation of the People Act 1918

Representation OB and REV 1024x558 - First look: New Royal Mint coin designs for 2018!

Designed by Stephen Taylor the reverse features five men and women in line to vote, with a woman triumphantly raising a voting card. The words ‘Representation of The People Act’ are written under the date 1918.

This 50p coin celebrates 100 years since the passing of the Representation of the People Act 1918, hailed as a landmark for democracy.

The announcement of the year’s coins is always an exciting moment for Change Checkers, particularly when the anniversaries are as significant as these.

And now we can now start looking forward to finding these new designs in our change throughout the year! 

The 2018 Change Checker Commemorative Coin Set

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2017…what a year!

It has been an incredibly busy year for change checkers; during 2017 we’ve seen many fantastic new coin releases, the withdrawal of a coin in circulation since 1983 and also the introduction of a brand new banknote. Not forgetting the first ever Change Checker Scarcity Index and two Live Coin Swaps.

To help you relive all the highlights from the past 12 months we’ve put together a special Change Checker 2017 Review timeline. Enjoy!

CC 2017 Review Infographic - 2017...what a year!

Change Checker Festive Games

Christmas is a time for socialising with friends and family and more often than not that involves playing a game or two.

However, maybe you’re bored on the annual family game of Monopoly? Maybe Granny always wins at Cluedo?

So, as an early Christmas present to all you Change Checkers we’ve created 3 coin inspired games for you to enjoy over the festive period.

Change Checker Christmas Quiz

Quiz jpeg 212x300 - Change Checker Festive GamesOur quiz consists of 40 questions split over 4 categories: General Knowledge, United Kingdom, History and Sport.

Only a true numismatic whizz will get 40/40 on this quiz; you’ve been warned, there’s some pretty tricky questions!

You can play individually or why not ramp up the festive competitiveness and play as a team.

The winners get to open their presents first!

Download the quiz here: Change Checker Christmas Quiz


Change Checker Word Search

Word search jpeg 212x300 - Change Checker Festive GamesWho doesn’t love a Word Search?! There’s 21 change collecting words hidden amongst an array of letters and finding them all may take longer than you think.

Who will become the family Word Search champion this Christmas?

The last person to find all the words does the washing up!

Download the Word Search here: Change Checker Word Search


Change Checker Spot The Difference 

STD Jpeg 212x300 - Change Checker Festive GamesYou’ll need a very keen eye if you’re going to find all 10 differences. While some are more obvious than others, some are fiendishly difficult!

Why not challenge somebody to a race, who can spot all the differences the fastest?

The slowest person has to finish the brussel sprouts!

Download our Spot The Difference game here: Change Checker Spot The Difference



Answers to all the games can be found here