Why Jemima Puddle-Duck is already the most sought after Beatrix Potter 50p

Discover how you can still own it for face value…

When The Royal Mint released the mintage figures for the 2016 Beatrix Potter 50p Coins, what immediately caught the attention of collectors was the minimal amount of Jemima Puddle-Duck coins that had been struck compared to the rest of the series.

Only 2.1 million Jemima Puddle-Duck coins were released into circulation, that’s less than 20% of Peter rabbit and half the amount of Squirrel Nutkin which has the 2nd lowest mintage.

When one coin in a series has a much lower mintage figure, collectors struggle to complete the set. We’ve started to see evidence of this as swap requests from our Swap Centre users have increased dramatically.

Swap Ratio

For every one Jemima Puddle-Duck coin we see listed as available to swap, there are more than 8 users requesting this coin.  

The rarity of this coin is also highlighted by our Scarcity Index. Jemima Puddle-Duck is listed as the 6th most collectable 50p in UK Circulation scoring 61/100.

How you can still own the Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p for just 50p

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The Royal Mint has just announced the release of a brand new UK Prince Philip coin

The Royal Mint has just announced the release of a brand new UK coin that pays tribute to Prince Philip and his 70 years of service.

The New Prince Philip Retirement Coin

On 4th May this year, Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Philip, the

Duke of Edinburgh would be retiring from public duty. This marks an incredible 70 years of service to the Queen, the United Kingdom, British Isles and the Commonwealth.

The release of this coin is sure to be exciting for Change Checkers  in the knowledge that the last UK coin that featured Prince Philip turned out to be extremely rare.

The rarest £5 coin

Back in 2011 a UK £5 coin was issued by The Royal Mint in celebration of the 90th birthday of Prince Philip.

The rarest UK £5 coin – 2011 Prince Philip 90th Birthday £5

The coins design featured a specially commissioned portrait of Philip by Mark Richards FRBS. Just 18,730 of these coins were struck in Brilliant Uncirculated presentation packs making it one of the rarest £5 coins ever.

And because of this, the coin is extremely sought after by collectors and is virtually impossible to get hold of on the secondary market.

As you probably already know, coins with a lower mintage are often the most sought-after by collectors in years to come.

So could this new 2017 UK Prince Phillip coin have an even lower mintage?

The Prince Philip Retirement coin will be available in Gold Proof and Silver Proof precious metal finishes as well as Brilliant Uncirculated editions. The coin goes on sale on 7th August but you can sign up for updates on their availability below.

Fill out the form below to receive updates on its availability:

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June 2017 Video Newsletter

With 4 new coin releases, 1 coin unexpectedly entering circulation and a genuine minting error confirmed, June was a very exciting month. Watch as Yasmin and Luke discuss all the latest change collecting news.

The Phonescope works by clipping onto a mobile device, and magnifying the camera, allowing you to take incredible close-up photos and videos.


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