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£1 Coin Minting Error ‘Confirmed’

Rumours of the Dual-Dated £1 Coin appear to have been confirmed in the national press today. Although we haven’t seen the coin ourselves, we’ve spoken to the collector claiming to be in possession of one and seen a number of … Continue reading

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£1 mis-strikes make headline news

The new £1 coin made front page news again today after members of the public spotted mis-struck £1 coins in their change. However, these headlines vastly overstate the scale of the problem. 1.5 billion coins were struck – that’s 30 coins a second … Continue reading

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Here’s where you can find a new 12-sided £1 coin GUARANTEED!

The Royal Mint have revealed a list of places around the UK where you will be able to get a new 12-sided £1 coin on launch day guaranteed. That will make you one of the first people to get hold … Continue reading

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