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It looks like the round pound will be around for a little bit longer…

The Isle of Man have confirmed that they will be keeping the familiar round pound coin and issuing a new design for 2017. This means they will be the only British Isles country to continue issuing round pounds… Revealed today, the … Continue reading

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The Pound Coin and the rejected bird designs

25 years ago The Royal Mint decided to explore the possibility of creating a new series of reverse designs on the £1 coins to represent the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom . Selected artists were invited to submit designs that should have a … Continue reading

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Poll: What is your favourite £1 Coin Design? – Northern Ireland

As part of the Great One Pound Coin Race, we want to find out Britain’s ultimate favourite £1 coin. Last week we asked you to vote for your favourite Scottish £1 coin design – over 30% of Change Checkers voted for … Continue reading

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