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50p “Scarcity Index” Launched – discover which UK 50p coins are the most collectable

Can’t wait – click here to reveal the UK’s “scarcest” 50p coin Change Checker has launched the 50p “Scarcity Index”, which tracks which circulating 50p coins are the most scarce and collectable.  The index uses a unique combination of mintage, … Continue reading

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The story of the undated 20p

It’s regarded by many as the Holy Grail of change collecting, and back in 2008, the undated 20p saga encouraged an entire country to start carefully checking their coins. In fact plenty of collectors are still doing just that in the hope of … Continue reading

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Do you own the UK’s rarest 50p piece? And it’s not Kew Gardens.

Last week a 50p coin that many thousands of people have found in their daily pocket change started to be sold on e-Bay for prices upward of £100.00. Or to put it another way, 200 times its actual value! It … Continue reading

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