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Why you should be collecting £5 Coins

We’re often asked by Change Checkers what can they collect once they’ve completed their collections of 50ps, £1s and £2s. Quite simply, there’s only one answer. £5 coins.  These are my reasons why: 1. A Treasure Hunt In the past, … Continue reading

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Change Checker Encyclopedia – Coin terminology made easy!

The thing we love about coin collecting is that anybody can do it…but, we’re aware that to those who are not seasoned collectors, some of the terminology can be a bit daunting. So we decided to draw up a go-to … Continue reading

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UPDATE: How rare is my coin? The complete Change Checker guide to UK coin mintages

The 2016 mintage figures have been released, so ensuring that ‘The Change Checker guide to UK coin mintages’ is THE place to check how rare your coins are,  we’ve put together these updated charts listing each coin in order of it’s rarity. The 2002 Commonwealth Games … Continue reading

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